Debbie Bell

Administration and Commercial Officer

Debbie is at the heart of our operations here at PSA Engineering. In fact, she’s one of the longest-standing members of our team. Debbie has seen the company grow and change over the past decade. She’s been there during our biggest wins and through our greatest challenges. But for Debbie, the most exciting times are still to come.

“I like to see the company do well and see how it’s grown. It’s exciting, and it’ll be interesting to see what innovations happen in the next few years. I think PSA Engineering is always looking for ways to evolve and do things differently. For instance, all the LoRaWAN and Smart City work we’ve been doing recently is really exciting.”

In her role as Administration and Commercial Officer, Debbie covers a broad scope, including contract administration, finance, training and compliance. She works with our project managers and our clients, managing contracts renewals and monthly invoicing. Building relationships is the aspect of Debbie’s role that she finds most rewarding.

“I enjoy the work. I enjoy working with our clients and forming those relationships. I’ve been hands-on with many of our contracts over the years, forming the relationships, managing the staff, employing those staff and watching those contracts grow. It’s very rewarding.”

Debbie’s approach to the administration side of the business is a perfect fit with our can-do attitude. As engineers, we’re always looking for ways to make improvements and create efficiencies, and Debbie applies the same discipline to her work.

“It’s always important to look for ways to do things better. You can waste time because you’re just following the process so we look at where we can update and modify to be more efficient.” As part of the finance team, Debbie works closely with Ian, Grant and the leadership team, and she values the inclusive, open-door culture that PSA Engineering embraces.

“Grant is great to work with. We work very closely together, and his door is always open. Ian has always been a fantastic boss to work for, he thinks about everybody and takes everyone on as his family. He genuinely wants to know what’s going on in your life.”

Being part of a team that is always striving to evolve and grow is the biggest reward for Debbie.

“I enjoy coming to work because I enjoy the people I work with. The team is always looking for ways to innovate and improve. I think that’s important because as a business you can’t just stay doing what you’re doing, you’ve got to evolve.”

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