Nigel Campbell

Field Services Lead

Nigel Campbell brings over 25 years of indumalat before extending his expertise to upstream oil and gas, water and waste treatment and mining industries. With his exceptional technical and leadership skills, Nigel’s broad commercial experience is a perfect fit with the team at PSA Engineering. He has a deep appreciation for his team’s expertise and commitment to quality.

“We have been doing what we do for a long time. The people who work in the business are highly experienced in this industry,” says Nigel. “And, of course, we’re ISO 9000 certified, so our clients know that at the end of the day they’re getting a product with full certification. All documentation is there, and they can sleep at night knowing that the thing works.”

A natural-born problem solver, Nigel loves finding the best solution to any given problem.

As project manager, he can go from big picture to granular detail and deliver a solution that considers all of his clients’ needs. As he says, sometimes finding the best solution is as simple as looking at things a little differently.

“Sometimes a client will come to us with a pre-engineered solution that we know is not going to deliver the best outcome,” says Nigel. “We understand that there is another solution at half the cost and half the effort. Sometimes it can reduce the installation cost significantly by doing things a little bit differently. Often, we’ll give non-conforming tenders and non-conforming items because, based on our experience, we know our solution will deliver a better outcome.”

For Nigel, the key to delivering the best solution for his clients boils down to integration. The best hardware in the world won’t help his clients achieve their goals if the integration doesn’t work. PSA Engineering offers turnkey and full lifecycle service, and as Nigel explains, this means nothing falls through the gaps.

“PSA Engineering can go from feed right through to manufacturing and install; we cover the whole lifecycle,” says Nigel. “And the value comes in terms of both efficiency and cost. Having one team working across the project provides seamless continuity and can considerably reduce the costs. And if there are any adjustments or any issues, you know, we’re always here to help you out.”

When the project allows it, Nigel still loves to take the opportunity to work on the tools. But most of all he loves the challenge of breakdowns. Even with all his years of experience, he enjoys the fact that these high pressure environments still test his technical skills.

“I really enjoy the pressure that comes when the alarm goes down, and you know that every minute counts. I like finding the solutions, the hands-on work, the calibration and all that high-level technical specialisation.”

Nigel’s expertise:


  • Installation, maintenance and supervision of multiple hazardous areas within the manufacturing sector
  • Plan and schedule visual, close and detailed EEHA inspections
  • Revision of classification and classification drawings
  • Involvement in design and modification of plant within a hazardous area
  • Replacement and servicing of equipment within a hazardous area
  • Configuration and commissioning of certified plant within the hazardous area
  • Report on the integrity of explosion-protected equipment in hazardous areas
  • Conduct visual and detailed inspections of existing hazardous area installations
  • Plan electrical installations for hazardous areas
  • Conduct third party audit of hazardous areas installations
  • Install explosion-protected equipment and wiring systems
  • EEHA design including related calculations, including IS calculations, max dissipated power, motor critical time setting
  • Development of management manuals, procedures and provision of input into generic maintenance strategies
  • Reviewing and approving results from periodic inspections, adjusting inspection frequencies based on trends
  • Development, justification, scoping and management of multi-year EEHA remediation programs
  • Instrumentation and electrical equipment specification, review/approval of 3rd party CADs and fitness for purpose (FfP) assessments.

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