Ride Safety Audit & Gap Analyse - PSA Engineering | Control and Instrumentation

Ride Safety Audit & Gap Analyse

PSA to provide site recourses to undertake a physical end to end inspection for each of the rides listen in the risk assessment finding document issued by Ride Operator that are greater than 10 years old and were identified as having one or more a performance target.

PSA to record all device/equipment information for each of the identified ride loops/circuits, also PSA to redline/mark-up the supplied Ride Operator design reference document to ‘As Built. PSA to perform a desktop review/performance target verification activity, using the information recorded in the previous phase of the Project to then identify performance deficiencies. This information will be recorded and issued to Ride Operator in the form if a gap analysis report. PSA to generate and issue a TIC budget estimate for the rectification of any gaps identified in the Gap analysis report.

Discipline: Safety Systems

Year Delivered: 2018