Tim O’Sullivan

Operations Manager

As Operations Manager at PSA Engineering, Tim O’Sullivan is accountable for all of our trade activities… and Tim takes accountability very seriously. He’s intensely client focused, believing that if his clients aren’t happy, the buck always stops with him.

“Client satisfaction is a big focus for me, and my team members understand that. We can be good with the wires and the one and zeros, but none of that matters if our clients don’t feel like we’ve delivered what they’ve asked for.”

PSA Engineering has always embraced a can-do attitude, and it’s a value that resonates with Tim, who’s fiercely proud of the way his highly skilled team approaches each project.

“We’ve got some terrific people with great can-do attitudes. Our team members enjoy their work, and they want our clients to know that.

They’re very skilled, they present well, and they can think on their feet. I get regular feedback from clients about how great our tradespeople are.”

With over 26 years of industry experience, Tim has worked all over Australia, accruing a broad range of skills in project management, construction, industrial maintenance and, of course, control and instrumentation. He combines deep technical knowledge with an innate ability to manage highly diverse teams out in the field. Tim’s integrity and values are an excellent fit with PSA Engineering; as Operations Manager he’s an asset to our team.

Tim’s role sees him interfacing closely with the engineering team across every project. He’ll often take on the lead as project manager, particularly where the work is heavily trade-dependent.

Tim also manages our 200m2 purpose-built workshop where we design and manufacture specialised industrial control panels and custom control system components. He likes to keep his skills up when he gets the chance, not only because he loves the craft but also because it helps him keep in touch with his team.

“I always feel more effective when I’ve had some time on the tools. When they’re down for too long, you forget the challenges the team is facing, especially when they’re working in remote locations.”

Tim values the quality of the work PSA Engineering delivers and enjoys the challenge of complex projects. He derives a lot of satisfaction from the trust his clients place in him and is always confident that he will find a way to solve the toughest problems.

“It might sound funny, but I enjoy difficult projects, especially when I know the buck is going to stop with me. I always find a way to get the job done, and I enjoy that our clients know that if I say it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen.”

‘Owning it’ is a phrase Tim’s colleagues use to describe his attitude to every project. For Tim, it all rolls back to accountability and staying true to your word. And for Tim, it’s a value we don’t see enough of these days.

“It’s pretty basic. Show up when you say you’re going to show up. Do what you say you’re going to do. Don’t over commit, and be honest. If there’s a problem, call it out as a problem and work out a solution.”

Tim’s expertise:

  • All areas of the electrical/instrumentation field
  • EEHA inspector
  • HV switching operator
  • QA and Commissioning
  • PLC programming and all aspects of motor control

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